Phulo Phalo Dried Curry Leaves

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About the brand:
Founder: Sugandha Bathla; a 30-year old ex-corporate Project manager
Co-Founder: Madhu Prakash; a 60-year old homemaker

"Phulo Phalo"- which means to prosper & grow is a common phrase by the elderly in India, when i started meeting the people of age group 55& above to discuss my idea, our meetings always ended with "Beta,khush raho..khoob phulo phalo,taraki karo.." & this is how Phulo Phalo got its name after being renamed from initial mentions like NaniDadi ke Nuskhe.

Phulo Phalo is an initiative by two generations to make age-old kitchen wisdom & long-lost arts meet convenience for the current generations. It is a platform to facilitate elderly people to be able to sell their homemade & handmade products online & reach a wider audience. At Phulo Phalo, we have homemade spice blends, pickles, chutneys, assorted nut mixes, organic homegrown herbs & herbal wellness products. Each of the products is made at home with recipes developed by our elderly team members & their forefathers. We use only pure, premium ingredients & final products are free of chemical & preservatives.

We work on women empowerment and eco friendly policies by upcycling our packaging material and opting for non plastic jars. 

Homemade & Handmade
Curry leaves
Shelf life: 6 months

Homegrown chemical free & dried Curry Leaves are a great alternative to fresh curry leaves that are hard to find.Curry leaves are an indispensable piece of Southern Indian and Indian dishes of Kadhi, Rasam, Dal, Fried Idli, Coconut chutney, lemon rice, Poha and Vada. Dried curry leaves are mostly saute in oil and mustard seeds and added to dishes.