Phulo Phalo Masala Chai Light

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About the brand:
Founder: Sugandha Bathla; a 30-year old ex-corporate Project manager
Co-Founder: Madhu Prakash; a 60-year old homemaker

"Phulo Phalo"- which means to prosper & grow is a common phrase by the elderly in India, when i started meeting the people of age group 55& above to discuss my idea, our meetings always ended with "Beta,khush raho..khoob phulo phalo,taraki karo.." & this is how Phulo Phalo got its name after being renamed from initial mentions like NaniDadi ke Nuskhe.

Phulo Phalo is an initiative by two generations to make age-old kitchen wisdom & long-lost arts meet convenience for the current generations. It is a platform to facilitate elderly people to be able to sell their homemade & handmade products online & reach a wider audience. At Phulo Phalo, we have homemade spice blends, pickles, chutneys, assorted nut mixes, organic homegrown herbs & herbal wellness products. Each of the products is made at home with recipes developed by our elderly team members & their forefathers. We use only pure, premium ingredients & final products are free of chemical & preservatives.

We work on women empowerment and eco friendly policies by upcycling our packaging material and opting for non plastic jars. 

Home Prepared
Tripura Pure Tea Leaves, Ginger , holy basil,cinnamon,Cardamom
Shelf life: 6 months

Add a ½ a cup of water to your saucepan with 1 serving spoon of Fresh Assam Masala Tea and allow it to boil for 3 minutes to infuse the flavours. Add another ½ cup of milk and sugar to taste from your pantry/kitchen and bring to boil for up to 2 minutes. Strain and savour!