Nirjala's White and yellow modern thali

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Nirjala's smile gives me so much happiness. She is a little girl of 16 and the first time I met her, she showed me all the unique ceramics that were available at her stall. I remember the Icelandic Dream Horse Plate, the gravy boats, the Buddha bowls - they were all just lying around like neglected pieces of trash. When I buy bulk from a vendor, they get money instantaneously.

For example - If I buy 100 plates from Vikram bhaiya, he receives a certain amount of dough that same day. But with unique/single pieces to sell, it becomes difficult for a vendor to earn, quantitatively. Hence, Nirjala, Komal, Manisha, Meenakshi are a group of four girls I always go to, to help with clearing their single pieces. :)