Set of 2 (Palm and Pineapple) Brass Spoons

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After going through a million of these spoons all over Pinterest, I knew they were only being manufactured in India for the sole purpose of export. I wanted to get my hands on them. And, I wanted you to get your hands on them. I decided to take the plunge and get these made.

And for a change, these are made in India, and for India. And, they are for you.

Also, I'd like to add that the very kind Sugandha from who supports women tailors and is all about sustainability, helped make these kits for our spoons, which have been designed and hand made in Delhi, out of fabric waste.

All spoons are 7.5 inch long. Material: Brass, Gold Lacquer Polish Coating

Care: All spoons need to be washed with care. Do not scrub. Wash in warm/ luke warm water and clean with a soft cloth. Never ever use acetone.

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